Can over massaging affect your health

When you think about osteoporosis, you may think of the broken bones that can happen to people with this disease. Other images may include height loss and stooped or hunched posture. In addition to these more obvious aspects of osteoporosis, what many of us do not realize is that the disease can have a great impact on a person’s emotional and social health.

Before we discuss how osteoporosis can affect people’s lives, we should note that not all individuals with osteoporosis have emotional and social issues, and that quality of life difficulties are different in each person. For instance, a person who has had broken multiple bones, has very different challenges than a person who has not experienced multiple fractures.

Many people can live well with osteoporosis and avoid breaking bones in the first place. But if you have had fractures, it’s important to learn about the steps you can take to maintain a good quality of life.

The Power of Positive Thinking

We support you in making a commitment to your health and are here to help. As a first step to help you feel good, start thinking of yourself as having healthy bones and good health. Some people find that just commiting to positive thoughts helps them reach personal goals.

Positive thoughts are also called affirmations or words of wisdom. Some people consider it a type of self-talk. Affirmations can help inspire and motivate you. Many people find that they help change attitudes and transform their lives.

Make good bone health a priority for the entire family.